Hi Folks!


Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon is entering an exciting stage!

  • Your school will be receiving FREE Energy Misers from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)
  • Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is starting the school visits in the coming weeks of your schools.
  • The new website is ready to be personalized by your team
  • How to receive your mini grants
  • A “Webinar” is going to be held so you and your teams can meet us.
  • Additional Funding



Energy Misers

            The MPCA is donating an Energy Miser to each participating school in the Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon program. Every school will receive one energy miser to install at a soda or vending machine. ERM will be brining the energy misers with them on their school visits along with instructions for easy installation. The energy misers can reduce electricity consumption by 40%!  Check out this link to find out more information


To find testimonials click here.   http://www.austinenergy.com/Energy%20Efficiency/Programs/Energy%20Miser/index.htm


The only requirement to receive the energy miser is a school must agree to use it.


Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

            ERM will be starting their school visits in the coming weeks! We will be hosting a Webinar on February 18th, which will contain more information about the overall project and what to expect when ERM visits your school. ERM will help the school climate change teams identify low cost-no cost carbon reduction solutions. In order to maximize ERM’s visit they will be asking for a web-based questionnaire to be filled out prior to their visit.  An email will be sent to your identified school climate change team leader with questionnaire log in information.


During the visit, ERM would like to encourage your energy team to come along for the assessment to become more familiar with your schools energy usage. Your operations manager should definitely be there!  The audit will be a great learning opportunity for students and administration alike.


ERM will be contacting you in the next few weeks to set up a date to come for the school visit.  The school visit will be a great way for your school to learn about ways to save money by conserving energy and understand how your school’s operation impacts the environment.



Every school should have received an introductory email about the Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon Website new website at http://www.schoolscuttingcarbon.org/

The website has some great features; please take the time to look at the site and update your schools page. Note: Timely updating and active usage of your school’s webpage will be a component of how schools are judged during the competitive $20,000 grant cycle in fall 2009.  


If you have not received your website introduction email, please let me know and I can help you get started.



ERM and Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon will be hosting a webinar February 18th. We are offering the webinar at 9:00, 11:30, and 4:15.  The webinar is expected to last approximately 45 minutes.


The webinar will be an opportunity for the schools to meet the Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon staff and ERM. The webinar will go over the details of the program, what to expect when ERM comes for the school visit, and what your schools needs to do to prepare for the visit. 


 To connect to the webinar there are 2 options 1) connect through a computer with an internet connection and speakers or 2) connect through a computer with an internet connection and use a phone for audio. Headphones can also be used if you are the only person from your school joining the webinar.  ERM will be sending out an email with the details of how to attend the webinar to your school climate change team leader next week. 



The $500 mini-grants from the MPCA are ready to be rolled out!  We will be posting an application as well as a “how to apply “document on the website on February 15. The application is basic information needed by the MPCA to be able to send the money to your school. Once the application has been filled out and received by the MPCA, a check will be sent to your school. A special account will be created for your school climate change team to access the money for the project/item that you choose.


A more detailed explanation will come with the application. Applications should be done electronically and submitted over email to the MPCA.  An email will be sent out when the application is ready, or you can check the website periodically!



February 10-11

The Third Clean Energy Resource Teams Conference

St. Cloud on February 10-11, 2009

at the St. Cloud Civic Center
CERTs 2009: Harnessing Resources & Teamwork for Minnesota’s Energy Future will bring together over 500 Minnesotans who are blazing the paths to a clean energy future by working on energy efficiency and clean energy projects in their communities, thus accelerating our learning process together.

Learn at in depth workshops such Creating a Clean Energy School.
There are schools across the state, at all levels that are working to save energy and produce clean energy, issues that are especially important with our current climate crisis and fuel costs. In this workshop we will learn from schools who are working on innovative projects, with major results. We will break into small groups to find out what administrators, operators, teachers, and students can do to be a part of the action. Finally, we will provide schools with a chance to connect with service-providers that can help them plan and implement their projects.

Breakout sessions will include sessions on what schools in MN are doing to lead the way in energy efficiency and creating a clean energy school. Several schools will be presenting what has worked for their school.




Additional Funding


Community POWER Grants


“Today we are announcing the new round of Community POWER grants
available in 2009. These are grants available for environmental projects
to schools, organizations and congregations for up to $12,000. We
encourage you to share the short or long version of the announcement
below with others in your network, in your e-newsletters, or as an email
blast. Letters of Interest are due on March 16th.”


For more information check out: